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  • 🌟 Expert Social Media Marketing

    🎯 Targeted Social Media Ads

    🖼️ Ad Creation

    📱 Social Media Management

    ✨ Content Creation

    • Targeted Google Ads Campaigns

    • Keyword Planning

    • Ad Creation

    • Bidding Strategy

    • Campaign Optimization

  • 🌟 Elevate your digital presence with expert content creation, infographics, video content, eBooks, and whitepapers.

    🔍 Drive visibility with keyword research and SEO strategies.

    🚀 Optimize landing pages and websites for maximum impact.

  • 📧 Email Marketing Mastery:

    • Email Campaign Management

    • Automated Drip Campaigns

    • Segmentation & Personalization

    • CRM Integration

    📈 Sales Optimization:

    • Sales Funnel Analysis

    • Workflow Automation

    • Lead Scoring & Management

    • Behavioral Email Triggers

  • 🌟 Optimize Your Marketing Strategy:

    • Marketing Funnels

    • A/B Testing

    • User Experience (UX) Design

    • Call-to-Action Optimization

    • Conversion Tracking

    • Customer Feedback Collection

  • 📸 Visual Brilliance

    Capture attention, tell your story visually!

    • Visual Content 

    • Video Creation

    • Photography

Our Services 

We are a group of highly skilled experts dedicated to helping businesses experience the true power of the digital marketing.

Our team brings together the best of technology and creativity to deliver measurable results.

We're more than your average digital marketing agency; we're your partners in innovation.


All about EraXmarketing

Join thousands of companies that rely on our marketing solutions daily. Access all the tools you need to create online marketing campaigns that drive sales and generate leads.

At EraXmarketing, we believe in a holistic approach to digital marketing, where strategy, creativity, and technology converge to produce impactful results.

We begin by understanding your business goals and a thorough analysis of your market and audience.
We then proceed to crafting customized solutions that amplify your digital presence , followed by the deployment of targeted strategies for social media, SEO, Google Ads, content marketing, and email marketing.


Our primary mission is to help business owners up their digital marketing game!


Why Partner with Us


Innovation & creativity are at the heart of our content and campaigns.


We have hands-on experience with all digital channels, organic & paid.


We're proficient in data analysis for adjustments & campaign optimization.


Innovation & creativity are at the heart of our content and campaigns.


Our solutions are tailored for small business with limited budgets.


We've been trusted by well-known Canadian small businesses.

In addition to providing all the tools you need, you can also access your own expert marketing team. This includes copywriters, Facebook Ads and Google Ads experts, designers, video editors, SEO specialists, and more, all dedicated to achieving your business goals.

Fully managed marketing campaigns


We Proudly Serve

Pharmaceutical Corporations

Medical Professionals

Legal Professionals

Real Estate Professionals

Government and Municipalities

Small/Large Corporations

Lead Generation

1. Capture Leads

We attract potential customers through targeted marketing campaigns. Our strategies ensure we gather high-quality leads for your business.

2. Nurture Leads

Engaging content and personalized communication keep leads interested. We build strong relationships to guide them through the sales funnel.

3. Convert Leads

Our expert team uses proven tactics to turn leads into loyal customers. We focus on maximizing conversion rates to boost your revenue.

Cinematic Videography & Editing

mmerse your audience in stunning visual narratives with our expert videography and cinematic editing services. We craft high-quality, engaging videos that tell your story with a perfect blend of artistry and technical precision, ensuring every frame leaves a lasting impact.

Social Media Management

We create custom social media strategies to boost engagement and growth. Our plans are based on in-depth market and audience analysis.

Comprehensive Social Media Strategy

Our team crafts stunning visuals and compelling copy to engage your audience. We ensure your social media reflects your brand’s identity.

High-Quality Content Creation


We design targeted social media ad campaigns to deliver measurable results. Our advanced analytics ensure optimal performance.

Data-Driven Social Media Advertising

We track key metrics and provide actionable insights. Our monitoring and reporting help optimize your social media strategy.

Social Media Monitoring and Reporting

Sync Up

Embrace the New Era of Marketing: Innovative Strategies for Your Digital Success

Expand your customer base and boost sales cost-effectively. Acquire the comprehensive marketing platform essential for business growth, along with a team of experts handling the tasks for you


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